How to avoid Sleep while Studying?

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February 6, 2018
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February 19, 2018

How to avoid Sleep while Studying?

Sleeping is a common process, our body needs it naturally. But it is very important to consider when to sleep? where to sleep? and how much time to sleep? .
If you sleep at School / College, you loss Studies
If you sleep at Church / temple /mosque, you loss Blessing
If you sleep in Bus, You will miss your destination
If you sleep during Driving, You will meet Accident
Sleeping is necessary for a healthy body. But sleeping in unnecessary times spoils our health, wealth and studies. Sleeping at improper timings may lead for obesity during the student’s days.
What you understand from the above examples ? Sleeping is good but sleeping in wrong place, at the wrong time is absolutely wrong.
What is the reason for sleep during studies ?
There are three factors determines our sleep in right or wrong times.

1) Health

Health is the first factor which decides our sleep. Daily 5 to 7 hours sleep is enough for a normal student. If you are a student with alergy, asthma you need to sleep more. So that you should not waste even a single minute and use your healthy times effectively. Over weight also cause some sleep disorders. Using the time effectively, they too can improve their study habits. Some students have sleep disorders they should use the available time effectively for studying. If you are a student who doesn’t have the above said problems you are healthy and you can follow all the tips given here.

2) Food

If you are studying in morning, take some light breakfast and some light snacks if it is evening. Avoid eating heavy meals as they can make your body and brain sluggish. During your study hours take juicy fruits like grapes and oranges.


Have proper lighting in your room. Keep your properties like bag, books, pen, notes etc. organized. Don’t study with a fan blowing on your face as it dries your eyes and make you sleepy.

Scientific reason for sleep while reading or studying.

Most of us, in our student life, whenever we sit to read, we used to sit in a relaxed position. It prevents physical activation; this causes stagnation of lactic acid in the cells. Since the lactic acid is a high oxygen absorbing agent, it quickly reacts with the oxygenated blood to reduce the flow of the blood to brain. Lack of oxygenated blood causes the brain to get tired. This automatically makes us sleepy while studying.

Psychological reason for sleep while studying.

Psychologically, you will feel sleepy whenever you try to study something you are not interested. You will not understand if you try hard to study that subject.

Tips to avoid sleeping while studying:

a) Sit in a straight position(Sit on a chair with flat back). Always try to sit on a uncomfortable desk. Comfortable cushion chair or bed may invite you to sleep.
b) Strictly avoid lying positions it instructs your brain to do two contrary tasks to sleep as well as to study. Finally, the instruction to sleep will win.
c) Take notes while you read. It will give some physical work to your body and keep your brain afresh.
d) Change your topic if you feel sleepy. Read some interesting subjects whenever you feel sleepy.
e) Change Your Sitting positions frequently. It will stimulate your concentration level. Whatever the position can be but do not lean from your straight pose.
f) Walk and study for some time. The physical activity caused by this will keep afresh your brain.
g) Read loud whenever possible.
h) Avoid reading continuously with out break, which will cause semi consciousness ( a hypnotic effect) and you can not understand anything in this process. After every one hour relax yourself for at least 5~10 minutes.
i) Avoid keeping your eyes too much close to your books. It will lead you to fall asleep.
j) Do some easy exercises if you feel sleepy
k) Drink some hot drinks in your study breaks.
l) Take a cold shower if your health is normal or Wash your face with some cold water.
m) Drink water eventually, so that you have to hit the restroom often. It will avoid sleepy mood. And water is good for health.
n) Study in groups to avoid sleep, it really works. If you are in hostel, join with the students who study sincerely. It will keep you away from sleep.
o) If you are feeling sleepy so much and could not control yourself, take a short time sleep (cat nap)Sleep for 10 mins to 20 mins. Use a good working alarm clock for your help.
Try your best !!!

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