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Roots & Routes, a Professional Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre.

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MSc, DHT, PhD (Psychology)


Dr. Subin Vazhayil is an exceptionally talented vibrant personality who is steering in the field of Psychological Counselling, Psychotherapy, NLP, Mind Power training, Hypnotherapy, Brain Wave Therapy and Motivational classes. He has been successful in amalgamating the riches of knowledge into those rare formulae that triggers the potential of his audience.

He updates himself to equip his energy level therapies by gathering the infinite source of mind power techniques from a wide spectrum of sources. He has been strengthening his state by taking real time lessons from yogis, gurus and other personalities, even from overseas to enhance his perceptions.
He has been successful in incorporating his knowledge in a way to materialize the puzzles of the immaterial mind, which had been always a mystery to the world otherwise. His debut in motivational training was 10 years before today and thenceforth he had raised many souls to seek the beauty and calm of self realization and self esteem.

He miraculously enables people to bring forth the ever-growing potential in them and enables a successful life by virtue of his hard earned skills in the field, where he brings together the secrets of the ancients and the moderns of the mind power methods in a keenly selected methodology and transmits that strength into people. This has been continually adding to his fame as a trainer of guarantee who makes sure of giving heights of success to the people round him.

He functions as a constant force of inspiration to the ones around his circle and cheers up even the dullest, a magical touch over the audience. His ten years as a trainer and mind power expert has enriched the lives of many and his sessions were miraculously charismatic and had made people benefit in every word he utters. He keeps this skill as a reservoir towards the needs of human race.

Dr. Subin Vazhayil has triggered the brain wave synchronization, a magical relaxation technique which relies on pure science and therapeutic skills. This method is the result of his constant learning and research in mind moulding techniques. Being a successful Psychologist for over a decade, Dr. Subin Vazhayil could understand the cause of mind related issues that grew day by day and made people helplessly broken down. Dr. Subin Vazhayil has been a noted psychologist with high success rate and the trade mark confidentiality. Roots & Routes counselling and Psychotherapy centre in Calicut functions as a centre for a multitudes of counseling cases which includes cases ranging from childhood, family, old age and the like.

Academics has enriched his skill and sharpened his assessments. He seeks knowledge and travels far to fetch it. He has even trained himself in non verbal hypnotism that is a rarest kind of skill and most necessarily effective in his area of work.
The traditional secrets and newest advances that he made his own has made possible for a large number of people to be raised, called back and powered enough to face and win life in its fullest beauty.

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Counselling and psychotherapy is a unique, one-to- one relationship between Doctor and client who agree to meet for a period of time with the aim of restore positive thoughts and emotional well-being to the client.



Motivation is an internal process that makes a person move toward a goal , The session gives the person the knowledge of how to set their goals in life and achieve them.



It is a scientific study associated with fingerprint patterns and brain lobes. This will helps in understanding a unique inborn potential and personality of a person.


Solution to all your emotional and behavioral

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